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Is It Possible to Clear IELTS on Your First Attempt?

Without a doubt, it is 100% possible for you to pass IELTS on your first attempt. However, you need to study smart. Make sure you have enough time to prepare and know the structure of the test, question types, and practice daily, so on your test day you have the confidence you need to pass!

Is the IELTS Speaking Test Recorded?

You may find it surprising, but the examiners record all speaking tests for IELTS. Don't let this worry you, however. The recording is used to evaluate the examiner, not you. The organizers will use it to ensure your test was fair, and to reevaluate your speaking test if your score needs remarking.

How to Improve Your English Day by Day

Learning English doesn't have to be a daily 4-hour study grind. If you only learn one new word every day, in a year you will have learned 365 new words. Think about if you learned 5; in 5 years you'd know 9125 with only 5 new words a day! Learn in steps to keep your learning stress free and fun.

How to Write Clear English.

The problem with long sentences is that the longer the sentence becomes, the more difficult it becomes to read. Your writing in English should be clear and concise. This allows readers to easily follow your ideas. Learn how to compact your writing for your audience to maximize readability.

How Do You Read Difficult Words in English?

There are four main strategies available to readers when reading a difficult English text. Those are: using synonyms, antonyms, or general sense to identify unknown words. Another is called vocabulary elements, or using the pieces of English words to understand new ones.

Why is English Grammar Important?

You are able to effectively pick apart a sentence you don't understand and explain its inner workings when you understand grammar. Knowing about grammar allows you to ask intelligent questions about English usage, and it makes you aware of the tools available to you when speaking or writing.

How to Learn English with YouTube.

One of the most effective resources for learning English is YouTube. There is hundreds of thousands of hours of free content on YouTube that you can use to learn with. Not only is all of this content free, but it is available for any topic under the sun. Whatever your interest, you can find a YouTube video about it.

How to Learn English Vocabulary.

here's the thing. You don't need to study! That's right. The best way to learn English vocabulary is not to study. The best way to learn English vocabulary is in context. That means engaging with native English material regularly and learning words as they're really used.

How to Use Commas.

Commas are one of the most commonly misused punctuation marks in English writing; Even many native speakers get it wrong, so don't feel bad if these little marks still confuse you. Using the comma is actually easy, if you know some of its simple uses!

Who named the months? – Hidden History of English

It may come as a surprise to you to learn, but the names of all the months in English are borrowed from another language. Yes, it’s true! Every single one. English speakers receive the names of the months from Latin, which was the language spoken by the ancient Romans over two thousand years ago.

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