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Practical English Usage – The Best No-Nonsense Grammar for English Learners

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan is the best modern example I have seen of this kind of book. The book is split into two sections; one covers common English grammar points and the other covers English vocabulary. Explanations are clear, easy to understand, and written with learners in mind.

What Are Countable and Uncountable (mass) Nouns?

The difference between countable and uncountable nouns is if they can be separated into individuals. Cat is countable because you can separate a group of cats. However, air is not because you cannot separate a mass of air into individual pieces. Unique things also cannot be counted, like New York.

How to Write IELTS Writing Task 1

You will need to display a wide variety of skills to pass the IELTS writing test with your needed band score. The good news is this isn't as hard as you might think it is.

Improve Your IELTS Academic Writing Today with 10 Easy Tips.

IELTS writing and speaking are two of the test's areas that test-takers have the most trouble with. Both of these skills are active skills; that means you have to be engaged and present while practicing them. This is the opposite of the passive skills listening and reading which you can practice without active participation. So what can you do to prepare for your IELTS writing test?

Why You Need a Good Grammar Textbook.

The best grammar books are no-frills showcases of English grammar with plenty of exercises to complete. They let you know about a tool and practice it without needless discussion most learners aren't interested in. Your grammar book should show you a tool, how to use it, then set you to practicing.

Handbook of the IPA – Best Tool for Pronunciation (Clear Language Review)

The Handbook of the IPA is a great resource book for the study of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Readers get a comprehensive explanation of how it works and complete profiles for 29 different languages. A must have for anyone looking to learn IPA.

How to Sound like a Native English Speaker.

The IPA is the greatest tool you can use to improve your English pronunciation. The IP Association has created an alphabet for all the sounds possible in language. This means you can use it to learn a direct route straight to proper pronunciation; You can use the IPA to say any English word!

Improve Your IELTS Speaking Today with 10 Easy Tips.

These are some tips you can implement today to increase your band score: Practice, Paraphrase, Avoid pauses, Show off vocab, Speak at length, Order your ideas, Say what’s easiest, Pronounce words well, Idioms and collocations, Seek help from someone experienced.

What’s the Difference Between Apostrophes and Quotation marks?

The main difference between the two is: Quotation marks are used to report speech. An apostrophe is used for making contractions and possession. It's not likely you'll mix them up, but keep in mind, apostrophes appear alone and quotation marks appear in twos!

What to Wear to the IELTS Speaking Test.

If you're worried about what to wear for the IELTS speaking test, the good news is that there is no official dress code. You can wear whatever you want. However, keep in mind you will be speaking to another human. Look presentable! Consider wearing something formal to boost your confidence.

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