Why is the Plural of Chief not Chieves? – Hidden History of English

The reason why the plural form of chief is not chieves is because this word was borrowed into English between 1100AD and 1400AD from Old French. During this time, English experienced many changes in grammar and vocabulary. English loanwords do not change in similar ways to native English words.

Practical English Usage – The Best No-Nonsense Grammar for English Learners

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan is the best modern example I have seen of this kind of book. The book is split into two sections; one covers common English grammar points and the other covers English vocabulary. Explanations are clear, easy to understand, and written with learners in mind.

An Introduction to Conjunctions

Most simply, a conjunction is a word which joins together words, phrases, or sentences. In English, the most commonly seen conjunction is ‘and’. Alice and Bob three pencils and five erases The girl sings, and the boy listens. This type of conjunction is called a coordinating conjunction. The function of which is to take two … Read more

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