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Why is it Buses Instead of Busses?

The plural for bus is buses. The confusion between buses and busses likely comes from situations where English words double their final consonant. English nouns don't do this. It happens most often for English verbs. Busses was once acceptable as a plural for bus, but it has since fallen out of use.

Which is Correct, “Speak English” or “Speak in English”?

The short answer is, both of them are correct! Each of those expressions is grammatically correct English. Their differences lie with context. "I speak English." and "I can speak in English." both mean the same thing. However, using those phrases differently can completely change the meaning.

How to Change Degree (comparative & superlative) in English.

How do you compare one thing to another in English? What if you want to explain how something is better than all the rest? In English, this is pretty easy to do. We call a word which compares the properties of two things "the comparative". If we want to talk about how something is the best of all, we call that "the superlative".

What is IELTS Indicator?

The IELTS indicator test is being offered for a limited time in countries affected by COVID-19. It is a fully online format for the IELTS test. With the IELTS indicator, candidates can attempt the entire IELTS test online. This includes all four parts: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

The Best Letter in the English Alphabet (you’ve never heard of) – Hidden History of English.

Without a doubt, the best letter in English is thorn (Þ/ þ). This little letter put in a lot of work during English's earlier times; It could replace common words like the and that. It is also surprisingly close to modern English Y. Thorn may be gone, but its legacy lives on even in popular culture.

How to Text in English.

Nowadays, with auto-correct and easier typing, you see a lot less "R"s and a lot more "are"s. English texting has come a long way. While you may still see some acronyms, you can text by writing grammatically complete and accurate sentences. Apps like Google's Gboard simplify this.

How to Use Modal Verbs (should, would, could) in English.

“Modals verbs” are a class of verbs used to express ideas like intention, likelihood, ability, or to give advice. You can call them helper verbs. They always appear with a main verb. English has nine of them: can, could, will, would, shall, should, may, might, must.

How to Practice Speaking English Alone.

Use English resources like podcasts, movies, books, and even yourself to practice your English speaking skills. Sometimes, you are your best speaking partner. You are always interested in what you have to say and will always listen. Many places give you easy access to stuff you can use for speaking.

Improve Your IELTS Academic Reading Today with 5 Easy Tips.

IELTS listening and reading are two of the test sections most learners find easier than speaking and writing. You may...

Work on Your Idioms – Fantastic Idiom Practice for IELTS Speaking.

Work on Your Idioms is a fantastic book for the English learner who wants to know more about English idioms. It is a clearly written and well presented book which introduces idioms and allows readers to practice them.

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